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Roof Washing

Are you tired of those unsightly stains on your roof? Those stains are caused by a hardy type of algae (Gloeocapsa Magma). This algae feeds on the limestone filler in the asphalt singles. This algae will reduce the life expectancy of your roof. Premier Surface Solutions can remove them with just one cleaning at a fraction of the cost of a full-roof replacement. Our process is a certified soft wash that safely cleans and kills the growth on the roof. The black streaks on the roof are causing more problems than just ugly shingles. Left untreated, the black streaks will hold moisture longer, allowing lichen and moss to start growing on the shingles. These invasive species are much more aggressive at eating away at the outer layer of the shingle. Leading to early failure of the shingle. We will gently treat your roof with our soft-wash system, allowing our cleaners to do the work. You will see a noticeable difference as soon as we are finished. We DO NOT use a pressure washer system on your roof. We believe the best way to clean a roof is with a soft-wash method that allows the cleaners to do the work. Roofing manufacturers suggest roofs should be cleaned this way.


Gloeocapsa Magma

Gloeocapsa magma will not just detract from a home's aesthetic appeal, but could actually lead to total roof failure. This parasite spreads quickly as airborne algae spores are carried and deposited from roof to roof by the wind and wildlife.



While lichen may appear to be harmless it can cause significant damage to outdoor surfaces over time. This can shorten the life of your roof or other outdoor surfaces.

This surface moisture may freeze in cold weather and cause frost damage to asphalt shingles or other surfaces. Lichen holds moisture against the surface thus speeding up the wear and tear. So over time, your roof shingles may bend and warp. The lichen can also penetrate your roof’s exterior causing the shingles to separate and spell disaster for your roof!



Is Moss harmful for my roof?

Yes. 100% all moss, even if it's a small patch or the width of a lawn, it can create irreparable damage to your roof if left untreated. This type of destruction can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in roof replacement.

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